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      The Resource bar The Resource bar is the set of tabs located along the edge of the NX window. The location of the Resource bar, as...
      作者:admin 点击次数:1832 发布日期:2009-06-17
      The NX user interface(NX用户界面) In this part of the lesson, you will: Recognize the title bar. Use the Resource bar. Use the Cue...
      作者:admin 点击次数:1066 发布日期:2009-06-17
      1.4 Exit NX In this part of the lesson, you will: Review the different exit and close commands. 1.4.1 Exit and Close Both FileExit...
      作者:admin 点击次数:678 发布日期:2009-06-05
      1.3.3 Create a new part from a template and save it Create a new part from a template. On the Standard toolbar click New . The New...
      作者:admin 点击次数:800 发布日期:2009-06-05
      1.3.1 Templates 模板 When creating a new part file you can first select a template. Templates contain preset preferences and data ...
      作者:admin 点击次数:651 发布日期:2009-06-05
      1.2.4 Load customization from a previous release 加载先前版本的?#24039;?If you used an earlier version of NX, your previous layout is ...
      作者:zdjcffc 点击次数:925 发布日期:2009-06-05
      1.2.3 Create custom user roles 创建个性化?#24039;?Once you become more familiar with NX, you may find that customizing and creating yo...
      作者:zdjcffc 点击次数:3458 发布日期:2009-06-05
      1.2.1 Roles ?#24039;?#27010;念 NX runs a streamlined user interface based on users' experience level, industry, or company specific criteria...
      作者:zdjcffc 点击次数:2310 发布日期:2009-06-05
      1.1.7 Change the displayed part 更改窗口部件显示 You can open, or load, more than one part at any time and work on several parts c...
      作者:zdjcffc 点击次数:1148 发布日期:2009-06-05
      1.1.5 Reopen parts 重新打开部件 The system maintains a list of up to eight recently opened parts. This list is maintained even aft...
      作者:zdjcffc 点击次数:1714 发布日期:2009-06-05
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